Frequently Asked Questions

How many Low-Intensity Wave Therapy treatments are required?


How long does each session last?

30 minutes

What percent of success is shown in studies?

79% but keep in mind some of these patients had significant health issues.

What if I miss a treatment?

We encourage you to not miss treatment but the treatment can be picked up on the following week.

What studies have been done on Low-Intensity Wave Therapy for erectile dysfunction?

Please go to our research page here

Does this treatment help even if the issue is primarily psychological or emotional stress?

The treatment will assist in overcoming lack of confidence because of the vast improvement in blood flow. However, it cannot counter deep significant emotional pains surrounding sexual issues.

How much does each session cost?

You must purchase a total of six sessions and the total cost is $2500.00 for all six which is paid to the physician that you choose.

Can I take anything else to assist in further optimizing sexual health?

Yes, we have found that a daily combination of high quality Omega 3 oil capsules, maca herb, grape seed extract caps and 3mg of boron will add to the results and your health with the treatment.

Is the treatment guaranteed?

We are very confident of your results. However, we cannot refund the treatment amount due to the issue of psychological effects on performance.

How long after treatment can I have sex?

Waiting 24 hours is advised.

How do I find the location of the treatment centers.

All medical offices that offer the treatment are listed here. You choose the one that works for you. The price is identical at all offices.

What if I miss an appointment without cancelling?

There will be a $100.00 charge for not showing up.

Will I have to wait to finish all six treatments to get results?

No, most are quite pleased by session four but it is imperative for longer lasting results to complete all six.

What about those that have had prostatectomy?

Increasing blood flow offers promise for everyone but if severe nerve damage occurred during surgery it may limit your results.

Is the person administering the treatments male or female?

A physician’s assistant, who is male will be completing the treatments.

Can I pay with credit card?

Most likely yes, however, you should check with the individual medical office to determine this.

Can I pay for one session at a time?

We are sorry, but you must purchase all six sessions. This is the only way we can guarantee you will complete all six which is imperative to longer lasting results.

If I have further questions how do I find answers?

Please email us at our contact page info here and we will get your answer as soon as possible. If it is in regard to appointments or payments please contact the medical office where you were being treated.