Success Stories

“I have completed 4 of my 6 treatments, and just like that I am fully functional and able to enjoy myself again. EDWave has made a huge difference in my life, giving me back my spark, ability, spontaneity, and pleasure. I can’t say enough about this treatment…no more medications!”


“It works! After neck surgeries,diabetes, and pain meds -it has destroyed my ability to maintain an erection good enough to have meaningful sex with my wife. After ONE session with EDWave at Dr. Friesen’s office, surprisingly I was able to get and maintain an erection good enough to have real sex with my wife after four years of this problem. I have five more sessions left and I cannot wait to see the end result!”


“My wife and I have re-discovered an intimate life due to this treatment.”


After my SECOND treatment, I was able to have sex with my wife for the first time in TWO years!


“I was unable to perform sexually even after taking 150mg of Viagra. I have received 4 of my 6 EDWave treatments for my ED problem and I am very satisfied with my current results. I have been able to achieve and maintain an erection (something I was unable to a month ago) and I am able to perform sexually. My understanding is that I will see my full results 90 days after my treatments have been completed. I am anxious to see my results at that time. This has been a very positive experience.”